Traditional Argentine Barbecue and Empanada Class in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Combined Empanadas Argentinas & Argentine Barbecue cooking demonstration

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We begin the journey by visiting a local butcher's shop

The journey begins with a visit to the local butcher's shop for a comprehensive lesson on how to select the right meat based on color, size, fat density and freshness. You will get to see *achuras you have never seen before! 

Emapanas Argentinas cooking class


Next, arrive to Teresita's kitchen for an Empanadas recipe demonstration.

dotEmpanadas recipe demostration: Although not the full class step by step as our empanadas cooking class, the empanada recipe demonstration that we cover at the combined class demonstration covers in details the steps of making a crispy and perfect empanada dough. Following a presentation of the picadillo (traditional Argentine beef empanadas filling. The group will be folding and baking the empanadas. 

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Demonstration of traditional barbecue side dishes

dot Ensalada Criolla (Creole Salad). This traditional salad is probably one of the most popular side dishes in Argentina for a variety of meats. You will find "ensalada criolla" in every restaurant menu, but of course, not the one that Teresita prepares!

dotChimichurri (Argentine parsley-garlic sauce for grilled meats). We will cover a recipe demonstration for this Argentine marinade sauce which is the perfect sauce for a sizzling hot barbecue. 

Moving onto practical work on the grill

This part of the class offers an exciting opportunity to learn how to grill the various cuts of meat in Argentina and *achuras that constitute the Argentinian *asado (barbecue).

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Buenos Aires Gastronomy

Learning from "El Asador"

An Argentine Asado (barbecue in Argentina) typically has a sequence of meats presented by the Asador (the cook other than Teresita will be handling the grill). El Asador will cover: preparing and lighting the fire, seasoning the meat, timing, and serving "the Argentine way" all in a very casual and relaxing environment.

Pairing the Parrillada with Argentine wines

A Malbec wine from Mendoza with taste of cherries, plums, blackberries and raspberries, and marked by a peppery spice, licorice and ample tannins. They have bright acidity, ideal to cut through the richness of red meat. Argentine Malbecs are rarely super-alcoholic, thus enhancing their food-friendly character. 

Torrontés will also be served. Torrontés is Argentina's best white variety creating a fresh, fruity and elegant white wine and Malbec steals the show with its deep, ripe, juicy flavors ideal for red meat and chocolate dishes. 

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Sit at the big garden table and enjoy! 

When the barbecue is sizzling ready, it is time to enjoy! Sit around the table with a great Malbec wine and take your time… Buen provecho!


When: Wednesdays Time: Starts at 11:00 am until 4:00 pm.


Price: USD 110 per person includes all fresh and finest local ingredients. Enjoy the fruits of your labor! Eat what you just created accompanied by the appropriate wine.
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