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Teresita's Culinary Tour
in Buenos Aires, Argentina

 Pick-up at 9:30 am. Transportation from your location to the town of Adrogue (Duration 1 hour)

 Arrive to Adrogue, a town buried deep in the Argentine culture. We start our journey by walking to a local bakery for a comprehensive lesson of traditional Argentine pastries and breads. See the variety of facturas (pastres in Castellano), and learn the difference between styles of Medialunas (famous Argentine croissants).

Interested to know why Argentina is world famous for its beef? We also make a short stop at a local butcher's shop to learn the various cuts of meat in Argentine. (Duration 15- 30 minutes.)

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 We continue walking to the Adrogue outdoor market, a colorful outdoor food market where locals gather to talk and buy what local farmers bring fresh that morning. For a fantastic source of insider's information; Teresita will go over the names of different fruits, vegetables, fish, poultry, meat cuts, and South American spices throughout the fair. Peak into the Argentine culture and watch what goes on at this very traditional market. Stands go for several blocks and the area is closed to traffic.

The whole scenery is a must see if you are the "foddie" type of traveler; fresh fish, colorful fruits and vegetables, and a wide variety of small stands displaying all kind of spices and herbs is the reason why we choose to bring you here. The food and its creative and cheerful display speaks for itself. There is always more to these type of food markets than produce and artisanal food, it is a true reflection of the Argentine culture. (Duration 30-45 minutes)

*Please note the food market is not a fancy market, it is still unspoiled by the ravages of mass tourism as opposed to food markets you can find in downtown Buenos Aires. It is a place where vendors still sell local produce, and the villagers still smile and greet. You won't find rows of stores selling French cheese or Italian olive oil. Instead, you will experience the real Argentinean town market. We selected this market because our main purpose of our culinary tours is to bring you closer to our culture.

Empanada and Chimichurri Recipe Demonstration

Empanada recipe demonstration in buenos aires

Teresita empanada

 Arrive to Teresita's Home for a cooking class demonstration of Empanadas Argentinas. Get a taste of what it feels like to prepare one of the traditional dishes of Argentina surrounded by a warm and casual atmosphere at Teresita's kitchen. It will not be a hands on class, but rather an overview of Teresita's secret recipe. It will give participants the opportunity to watch step by step what is involved in preparing this dish.

We will also cover the famous Chimichurri marinade. Chimichurri is a sauce and marinade for grilled meat that is easy to make and delicious to eat.

We will be stuffing and baking the empanadas while we move to the next step. 

Comprehensive and interactive Wine Tasting Lunch

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 Next, regroup around the table for a Wine Tasting Lunch were we blend premium Argentine wines, fine regional dishes and culture into an educational and entertaining event. Sommelier Cecilia Spinetto, a graduate from C.A.V.A and an Executive Chef at the Instituto Argentino de Gastronomia, is committed to your education of Argentinean wines. Whether you're a novice or long-time aficionado, Cecilia will deepen your appreciation for wine and food pairing.

Argentinean beef

South American Flavors Inspired Menu

First Course

Marvelous marinated fresh Pejerrey (Patagonian silverside) in wine sauce over homemade crostinis.
Champagne presented by the Sommelier; Saurus Patagonia, Espumante Extra Brut from Familia Schroeder

Second Course

Mouth-watering Teresita's Tucuman-style beef and Salta-style chicken empanadas.
Paring Wine presented by the Sommelier: Colome, Torrontes Salteño from Bodegas Colome.

Third Course

Veal Milanesa; Argentine Breaded Cutlets with Ham and Cheese. Petit criolla salad.
Paring Wine presented by the Sommelier: La Flor de Pulenta, Malbec from Mendoza.

Fourth Course

Sweet and creamy Milk Custard Flan with Dulce de Leche or Dulce de Leche Mousse
Dulce de Leche is a delicious caramel-like candy made from milk and sugar that's popular in Argentina and other South American countries.
Paring Wine presented by the Sommelier: Cavas de Santos Moscatel de Alejandria de San Juan.

Culinary Tour Details:

Price: USD 150 per person
Includes: Transportation, Guided Tour in English, Empanada and chimichurri Recipe Demonstration, Average 4-5 glasses of Wine, four course meal.
Duration: approx. 6 hours.
Schedule: Fridays only


cooking tour in argentina

Tour price & details

Price: USD 150 per person

Includes: Transportation, Guided Tour in English, Empanada and chimichurri Recipe Demonstration, Average 4-5 glasses of Wine, four course meal.

Duration: approx. 6 hours.

Schedule: Fridays only