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Tell us why you choose to visit Argentina and receive a wonderful bottle of Argentine after the class

How does it work?

You visit Argentina, you agree to answer the questionnaire below after your attended one of our classes (up to a month after you get back home), and receive a superb bottle of Argentinean winex after the class!

When you make a reservation we will remind you of this offer, and if you agree to send us your answers not only we'll appreciated it, but you will really enjoy your wine!


We want to know, we are curious why you choose our country (we appreciate that you did), and your answers will be posted on a dedicated section on our website for others to read. Of course that the more detailed answers you give us, the better idea we will get about your experience.


1- Why did you choose to visit Argentina?

2- What was your first impression of the country?

3- How did you find people; helpful, friendly or not so much?

4- What neighborhoods did you visit?

5- What neighborhood was your favorite in Buenos Aires? why?

6- What are your thoughts in general about the city of Buenos Aires?

7- What was your favorite food? What restaurants did you go? How was the service?

8- Did you find Argentina affordable?

9- What you did not like about the country? about Buenos Aires? (tell us, come on, we can take it!)

10- How did you find Cooking With Teresita?

11- What were your thoughts when you got to the town of Adrogue (where Cooking With Teresita is located)?

12- How was your experience at Cooking With Teresita? (please feel free to tell us the good and the not so good if such is true, this helps us grow)

13- Now that you visited Argentina, and if it was your first time, did you find what you were expecting?

We thank you for taking the time to answer these questions, and we hope to see you back one day!

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