Buenos Aires Attractions; Foodie Tasting Tours of True Argentine Local Cuisine

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Buenos Aires Attractions; Foodie Tasting Tours of True Argentine Local Cuisine With Teresita

Attendees gain invaluable knowledge of the Argentine culture through its traditional food preparation of local dishes and regional wines guided by expert in Latin American cuisine, Teresita Bella.   

buenos aires open air market

dotArrive to a traditional Argentine town. The town of Adrogue is a dream come true for food lovers, with over 60 independent restaurants and 2 farmers markets neatly tucked along the main street, there is no shortage of foodie experiences in this truly Argentine town unobstructed by massive tourism. This small town is the perfect destination for learning the secrets of true Argentine cuisine.

dotEmbark on a Culinary Getaway with Teresita. Guests arrive to her country-like bed and breakfast tucked among a tropical garden – the home was designed by her Pediatrician husband Raul and it is located only a short walk from all the shops and markets you will soon visit. First in this edible journey agenda is a stop at the local bakery to try some of the best sandwiches de miga, learn about the variety of masitas and the famous crispy mediaslunas.

Foodie tour in buenos aires

dotContinue walking to the butcher's shop. If you are the foodie type of traveler, you cannot come to Argentina without visiting a butcher shop, and when guided by Teresita, the experience becomes more than just looking. You get to learn about the different cuts first hand, and meet the gracious "carniceros" (people who cut the meat).

argentine beef shop 

dotNext is a visit to a gourmet restaurant where the chef shows artisanal and house-made meals as well as local produce used on his daily special. Enjoy a glass of Champagne or espresso.

Restaurant in Adrogue

dotWe keep waling to the local outdoor market. This market full of character and real life, it is an integral part of Adrogue local life. As you stroll the outdoor market learning about the many colorful fruits and vegetables that farmers bring fresh that morning — and other of interesting curiosities and objects. Teresita, who speaks perfect English is always attending promptly your curious questions.

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Do not think of this outdoor market as one in Italy or France, it is important that you understand the market vendors come from very rural parts of the surrounding area, you won't find ceramic handcraft or French cheese, but you will be exposed to the true Argentine flair of what a neighborhood in the outskirts of Buenos Aires really is.

Empanada recipe demonstration in buenos aires

Empanada class in Buenos Aires

Best empanadas in buenos aires

dotBack to Teresita's home and be ready for a class demonstration of her empanadas Argentinas at the rustic home kitchen setting to combine a casual experience with a fun and informative cooking class. Voted "empanadas to die for" Teresita will walk you through the steps to prepare the juiciest and crispiest empanadas. The group begins baking the empnadas and getting ready to enjoy the sublime menu of regionally inspired delicacies.

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Wine tasting in BA

Argentinean beef

dotRegroup at the table to savor a delectable five course menu specialties complemented by an exclusive wine course sampling with each dish presented by sommelier Cecilia Spinetto — a renowned sommelier in Argentina who has been recognized as one of the best ones in the country.

Culinary Tour Details:

Price: USD 130 per person
Includes: Guided Tour in English, Empanada Recipe Demonstration, Average 4-5 glasses of Wine, four course meal.
When: Fridays only
Duration: 11:00 am – 3:30 pm
Transportation: See details how to get to our location





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