Cafayate, Argentina

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Cafayate is located in Salta, Argentina

Cafayate is wine growing in a very rough and desert-like environment. If you have the opportunity go visit one of the bodegas, like Etchart or Michel Torino. The white Argentinian torrontes they make is famous. Cafayate is a town located at the central zone of the Valles Calchaquíes in the province of Salta, Argentina. It sits 1,683 meters above mean sea level, at a distance of 1,329 kilometres from Buenos Aires, 227km from Tucumán, 311 km from Jujuy and 365 km from Catamarca. It has about 12,000 inhabitants and the population is about 11,785

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The town is an important tourist centre for exploring the Calchaquíes valleys, and because of the quality and originality of the wines produced in the area. It was founded in 1840 by Manuel Fernando de Aramburu, at the site of a mission. In 1863 the Cafayate Department was created, of which Cafayate is the capital.

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