Charqui and Chafaina

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What is Charqui and Chafaina


The term refers to slices of meat exposed to the sun in order to dry them up. The word charqui or charque derives from Quichua Acharqui and it means thin or dry. Since charqui is dry meat, it was the food gauchos could take with them to eat in their crossings through the Argentinean Pampas. Charqui could resist the inclemency of the weather without going off. It is eaten mainly in the Northern part of the country.


It is a stew made with giblets and young lamb blood. Sometimes, raisins can be added to the stew. Such ingredients are pork, garbanzo beans, cabbage and pork hide. Puchero a la criolla is also called puchero seco (dry puchero) in some provinces. It is enriched by adding corn, sweet potato, cassava and chorizo. In some Northern provinces, charqui(dry meat) is also added to the ingredients mentioned before. Puchero criollo is accompanied with the traditional native sauce that can be raw or cooked, or with a fried sauce made up of lard, onion and paprika.

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