Chipa Cheese Bread from Paraguay Recipe | Tapioca Roll Bread Recipe

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Chipá from Paraguay Recipe
(Tapioca Roll Bread Recipe)

• 20 ounces of fresh cheese
• 30 ounces of tapioca
• 4 eggs a pinch of salt
• 8 ounces of lard
• ½ cup of milk

Over the counter, place the cheese crumbled with a fork, the flour and the salt all together in a hollow circle. In the centre, place the eggs and the lard. Pour milk while rubbing the ingredients together to form a soft dough. Knead the dough until the consistency is smooth. Cut the dough in small pieces and roll them into a ball. With a knife, make them a small cut in the superior part of each bread ball. Place them over a baking tray already greased in pre-heated oven.

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