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Croissants from Argentina

Cut the dough in strips of 3.9 inches wide, and each of them in triangles. Roll them starting from the wider side, forming the croissant-shape pastry.

Pañuelitos (Little Handkerchief)

Roll the dough out, cut it into strips and then into squares. In the center of each square, put a tablespoon of confectioner's custard or quince paste and fold one corner to the opposite diagonal one.

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Little Doughnuts from Argentina

Separate the dough in two rolls. Add ground cinnamon or cocoa to one of them. Separately knead each roll and roll them out with your hands into long sticks. Wind them around each other and unite the extremes to obtain the doughnut-like shape.

Jelly Bread Roll from Argentina

Divide the dough in pieces and shape them into a roll with your hands. Let them rise and then bake them. Once cooked, fill them with dulce de leche thick caramel spread and sprinkle with dried coconut. You can use different fillings and shapes. Just remember to let them rise before cooking. You can also sprinkle them with confectioner's sugar or cover them with white icing.

Swiss Roll from Argentina

Cut the dough into a big rectangular piece and sprinkle mashed walnuts mixed with cinnamon and sugar; confectioner's custard, apple jam or slices of apples. Roll the dough from one side only and cut it in portions of 1.17 inches thick.

Berliner from Argentina

• 1.2 ounces of brewer's Yeast
• 15 cubic inches of warm milk
• 3 eggs
• 4 ounces of butter
• 5 ounces of granulated sugar and a little more to sprinkle it
• a pinch of table salt
• grated lemon rind of half a lemon
• 20 ounces of flour
• enough thick quince marmalade or of any other fruit
• fat or oil to fry.

Dissolve the yeast with half of the milk and let it rest in a warm place for 10 minutes. Add the remaining milk, the yolks, the warm butter already melted, sugar, salt, grated lemon rind, the flour, little by little, and finally, the whites until stiff. Knead the dough until it is smooth. Let it rise in a warm place until it doubles its actual size. Stretch the dough with your hands until it is 1.17 inches thick. Cut the dough in medium-size circles with a round medium-size pastry cutter. Fill one half of the circles with a pastry bag filled with the chosen jam or marmalade. Brush the borders with some beaten eggs, cover with the rest of the circles and press them to join them together. Cover with a dish towel and let them rise for 15 minutes. Fry them in fat or oil until the dough is cooked and the surface is brown. Take them out with a slotted spoon, let them drain in absorbent paper and sprinkle with granulated sugar or with confectioner's sugar.

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Basic Dough

For Facturas Made with Fat

•20 ounces of flour
• one teaspoon of table salt
• 2 ounces of sugar
• 2 eggs
• 2 ounces of brewer's yeast
• 6 cubic inches of warm water
• 6 ounces of softened fat.

Put the flour along with the salt and sugar in a hollow circle over the counter. In the center, put the eggs and the yeast already dissolved in warm water. Add the fat. First, mix the ingredients of the center and then add the flour little by little. Knead it a couple of minutes until it is smooth. Put it in a greased bowl and let it rise in a warm place until it doubles its actual size.

Vigilantes from Argentina

Cut the dough in rectangles and roll them in a diagonal way. Brush them with some beaten eggs and sprinkle with a lot of sugar. Let them rise and then bake them.

Sacramentos from Argentina

Cut the dough in rectangles. In the center of each rectangle, put some quince paste and then roll them. Brush them with some beaten eggs, sprinkle with sugar and press the sides to join them together so the paste does not come out. Let them rise and bake them.




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