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Cuisine from Bolivia

Meat, trout, freshwater fish, vegetables and fruits are dietary staples in Bolivia. An indigenous ingredient called cañihua is similar to quinoa, and is roasted or ground into flour. This flour, called cañihuaco is used in the place of some wheat flour to make bread and biscuits, and it is also used in stews, cold or hot drinks, and desserts.

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Bolivia humitas

A very common snack in Bolivia are humitas, which are tortillas filled with potatoes, pureed corn, onions, cheese, aiis, all cooked in achiote oil and steamed in corn husks. Empanadas salteñas, which are stuffed with diced meat or chicken, chives, raisins, potatoes, hot sauce and peppers, and spicy cheese patties called pukacapas are served with cold beer or other beverages. As main meals lomo montado, picante de pollo and lechon al horno are extremely popular. Lomo montado is a fried tenderloin steak served beneath fried eggs, and with a side of rice and fried plantains.

Picante de pollo from Bolivia

Picante de pollo consists of deep-fried chicken, fried potatoes, rice, and a hot-pepper salad. Lechon al horno is a roasted pig served with sweet potato and fried plantains. Cured lamb or alpaca is made into soup or stew.

A particular soup called chairo is extremely popular and integrates cuño, a freeze-dried potato, corn and sweet potato or camote. Saice, meat soup with onions and tomatoes, is also common. A hot sauce called ilajhua made of out tomatoes and pepper pods is used to add spice to dishes. Corn pudding is a typical Bolivian dessert.

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