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Culinary tours in Argentina

We have carefully planned each itinerary that we suggest, trying to bring you closer to the most authentic places and provide a remarkable culinary experience

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Food Market Cooking Class Tour

In this culinary adventure of traditional Argentine flavours, Teresita will take you to a local food market, give a comprehensive lesson at a local butcher shop, and teach a hands-on cooking class of Empanadas, always paired with excellent wines from Argentina. To read a detailed description of the tour, click Food Market Cooking Class Tour


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Food Market Wine & Tapas Tour

Another exciting culinary adventure tailored to the "foodie" type of traveler. In this one -day tour Teresita takes you to a local food market, gives a comprehensive lesson on national Argentine pastries at a local bakery, and back to Teresita's home to learn about wines from Argentina. Our sommelier will present and cover four different and amazing Argentine wines. We paired the wines with regional tapas. To read details about this tour, click Food Market Wine and Tapas Tour



Cooking in Buenos Aires

Teresita cooking classes in Buenos Aires are designed to offer food lovers a unique gastronomic experience exploring Argentine and Latin American cuisine, sampling local ingredients and learning Teresita's recipe secrets, with emphasis in Latin American food preparation and wine paring.  Whether you are a kitchen novice or an experienced cook, you will find our cooking classes in Buenos Aires to be fun and very useful in your every day life. See all of our Latin American Cuisine Lessons

If you don't have time for a full culinary course, the best option is to take a cooking class. Add to your stay in Buenos Aires our one-day cooking class options, which always include the meal with (exceptional) wines from Argentina after the cooking lesson.

Hands-on Culinary tours in Argentina

If you'd love to cook and travel, our cooking classes in Buenos Aires will enhance your culinary repertoire while having a great time, come and join Teresita for a wonderful cooking holiday!

Return from Argentina to your everyday inspired with the tastes, sounds and textures of some of the world's exotic cuisines. 


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