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Desserts from Argentina

Regional Jams

There are an assorted variety of regional jams and syrups made up of fruits such as cuaresmillos peaches, lime, chayote squash, quency and sweet potato in bars, sweet potato and squash in syrup, guava, mburucuyá (a type of passion fruit), prinkly pear syrup, and chañar fruit syrup.

Dulce de Leche

This sweet is obtained by mixing milk and sugar together and cooking them over a low flame until its consistency turns sweet and its color is light brown. Vanilla and almond scents can be used to give it a special flavor. In Mendoza, dulce de leche is also called arequipa.


It consists of white soft corn that is boiled until its consistency gets thick. It can be served with sugar, honey or a salty spread or sprinkling.


This is a type of egg jam made up of syrup, eggs and milk.

Yema Quemada

it is a tortilla-like shape dessert made up of yolks and syrup. It is finished when one of the sides gets very brown. It is generally prepared in a frying pan or in a copper skillet.




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