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Empanadas can be of different kinds:

Empanadas can be fried, baked, spicy, mild. Their ingredients vary in accordance with the province in which they are made. They are all made up of lard, white or green onions, and minced meat. Cordobesas: Empanadas that consist of pepper, red pepper, potatoes, olives, raisins, hard-boiled egg and a bit of sugar. Catamarqueñas: This kind is made up of potatoes, raisins, olives and garlic. Mendocinas: This variety of empanadas consists of hard-boiled eggs and olives. Salteñas: If we combine potatoes, green onions, raisins, hard-boiled eggs and olives then empanadas salteñas would be obtained. Sanjuaninas: This variety is composed of meat and a great amount of onions. Tucumanas: A fried kind of empanadas that is made up of green and white onions, hard-boiled eggs and raisins. Santiagueñas: They are made up of hard-boiled eggs and raisins. For a more juicy filling, you can add a tablespoon of vinegar. Make sure you prepare the filling a day before the day you plan to make the empanadas so as to let the fat get hardened.

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