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Food recipes from Argentina

Traditional Argentine Cuisine

Puchero Argentino. What is Puchero?

Asado from Argentina, a barbecue tradition  

What is Charqui and Chafaina

What is Locro?

Different Empanadas from Argentina depending of region

What is Humita en chala, Humita norteña, Tamales, Mote  

Desserts from Argentina

What are Alfajores

Tamale Recipe

Empanadas de Humita Recipe

Carbonada Argentina Recipe

Guiso de Habas Recipe

Argentina Northern Stew Recipe

Casserole Stuff Rolled Flank Steak

Squash Chichota Recipe

Dorado en escabeche Recipe  

Chipa Cheese Bread from Paraguay Recipe  

Alfajor de dulce de turron

Empanadillas Recipe

Empanaditas de dulce Recipe  

Facturas Argentinas Recipe

Facturas and its varieties



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