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What is Puchero criollo

It is called puchero to the recipient where the preparation is made. It consists of meat and vegetables boiled in water. Puchero is also known in European cuisines with different names: In Spain it is called olla podrida, in France, pot-au-feu; and in some American countries, it is simply called olla. Due to their cooking time variation, some of its ingredients are cooked separately in different pots.

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Such ingredients are pork, garbanzo beans, cabbage and pork hide. Puchero a la criolla is also called puchero seco (dry puchero) in some provinces. It is enriched by adding corn, sweet potato, cassava and chorizo. In some Northern provinces, charqui(dry meat) is also added to the ingredients mentioned before. Puchero criollo is accompanied with the traditional native sauce that can be raw or cooked, or with a fried sauce made up of lard, onion and paprika.



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