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Humita en chala, Humita norteña, Tamales, Mote

Humita en chala

It consists of a white sauce made up of sweetcorn, tomato, chili, onions, milk and paprika. Once the filling is ready, it is spread in a cross-like manner in corn husks, then wrapped in and tied up with corn husks threads or twine and boiled in salty water.

Humita norteña

It is made with the same creamy sauce as the humita en chala. The empanadas are served in a casserole with a dusting of sugar on top of them which gets brown while baking.


They consist of a corn-based dough, filled with meat or chicken and wrapped up in corn husks and boiled until they are ready.


This is a dish that consists of unshelled yellow corn, water and ashes. It can be used to prepare stews, adding to such preparation large intestine, red or green pepper and chorizo.




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