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Paraguay, south America

Paraguay is a wonderful South American country on the bank of Parana River.Paraguay is derived from 'Pararaguay', a Guarani word that means 'From a Great River'. The country is a storehouse of numerous natural attractions ranging from grassy plains, marshes, lagoons, dense forests, jungles and national parks. Chaco offers an ideal scope to experience South America's wilderness amidst the wild. Paraguay treasures some of the finest lakes and waterfalls of South America. The climate is tropical with plenty of rainfalls in the eastern areas. Paraguay is famous for exquisite arts and craft embroideries like nanduti lace making. Paraguyan music is unique with the rhythmic polkas, galopas and guaranias. Sopa Paraguay consisting of thick corn bread makes a delectable Paraguayan platter. Hence Paraguay is a country worth exploring.

Major Cities in Paraguay, south America

{include file=google/200×200}  Asuncion is the capital city of Paraguay. Other major cities are Capiata, Ciudad del Este Luque and San Lorenzo. Asuncion located on the Asuncion bay is a principal port city and a chief cultural and industrial center. The old town area offers diverse architectural complexes. Cerro Lambare hill is a spectacular scenic spot with the wonderful lapacho trees. There are numerous parks, plazas, shopping malls and restaurants adding to the tourists delight. Parque Caballero and Parque Carlos Antonio Lopez are the most visited parks of Asuncion. Iguazu Falls, Salto Crystal Falls, Villeta River and Pilcomayo River are some astounding natural wonders of the capital. Also of interest are the Amerindian markets famous for nanduti laces. The National University of Asuncion is located in San Lorenzo. 

What to see in Paraguay

Chaco containing marshy plains and palm forests is a natural wonderland and a great attraction for the nature lovers. Some of the chief national parks like Defensores del Chaco, Tifunque, Enciso and Cerro Cora are located here. Forests in Mbaracayu and Nacunday are also worth visiting. The forest contains some rarefied species of birds animals and reptiles. The spectacular Iguazu falls in the north east of Chaco is a fascinating tourist destination. Ciudad del Este, located on the east of Asuncion is the gateway to the majestic Monday Falls and Iguazu Falls. Italpu Dam is the haven for variety of birds and wild animals with a number of activities, including fishing, watersports, sailing, camping and walking tours. Seven largest Jesuit missions are located in Paraguay. Jesús de Taravangue and Trinidad del Paraná have been declared as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. The historic town of Paraguari houses some wonderful colonial buildings. 


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