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Popular short-order dishes from Argentina

Well into the wee hours of the morning, most restaurants throughout Argentina serve minutas, which are the national equivalent of fast food. Sandwiches exist a plenty, but they have far more incarnations than at your local deli. Milanesa sandwiches are probably the most recognizable, but other varieties include pan de miga, pan tostado, pebetes, panchos, choripanes, morcipanes and chivitos. Churrasco, steak, scallops, spaghetti, ravioli and gnocchi are also available at fast food establishments. "Horse steaks" or beef served with two fried eggs, are a common order. Similarly, a Horse Milanesa is served with two fried eggs, while a Complete Milanesa includes the eggs and French fries.

You might also find revuelto Gramajo, colchon de arvejas, suprema de pollo, Roman fillet, matambres and lengua de vinagreta on the menu. Revuelto Gramajo is made out of thin slices of potato, cooked or uncooked ham, onions, garlic and chicken, with a blend of different spices. It can be accompanied with chimichurri sauce or salsa golf. A colchon de arvejas is similar to a Spanish tortilla, which is made out of potato. But rather than potatoes, the colchon de arvejas is made out of snap peas, mixed with egg and cooked like an omelette. Matambres (phonetically literally meaning hunger killers in Spanish) are flansteaks or other cuts of meat that are rolled, stuffed, baked or grilled. Lengua de vinagreta is made out of veal tongue, marinated in a vinaigrette of carrots, parsley and onion.Vanilla flan often ends these on-the-go meals, accompanied by dulce de leche and cream.