Tamales from Tucuman, Argentina

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Tamales from Tucuman, Argentina

Ingredients for Tamales Tucumanos

750 grams of maize flour. 75 cc. of corn oil, 3 medium sliced onions, 1 kilo of bovine harsh meat or pig, ½ liter of broth, 4 hard boiled eggs minced. Corn. Salt, red pepper and pimentón to pleasure. To cut in you shiver a few chalas to tie the tamale to be boiled. If they were short to tie a strip with another one with a "nudito" nod. Preparation * fry in a frying pan the onion with the oil and when it begins to be transparent  add the harsh meat making it lose the reddish color.

Condiment with salt, red pepper and pimentón to pleasure. To dunk with a little broth and to cook minutes mixing well. To add you happen, to retire of the fire and to let cool. * In order to arm the tamales, to intercross chalas with the fine parts towards outside. To cover them with a layer with soaked maize flour and to add a spoonful of stuffed of meat, a little hard egg pricked and another capita of maize flour so that the filling is within the mass. To curve the ends of chalas on the filling, to make a coqueto small package and to tie it with you shiver them of chala. * To boil the tamales in a pot of wide bottom with abundant water and salt, without generating bubblings, for one hour and average. To serve well warms up with the classic salad of tomato, onion and picadito green pepper, olive oil, vinegar and salt.

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