Teresita’s Cooking Classes in Buenos Aires are taught in English or Spanish

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Are the cooking classes in English or Spanish?

Q: Thank you very much for your email, the class sounds fantastic. I have one more question! At what stage will you know if the class will be in English or Spanish? We would struggle with a class in Spanish as we really don't speak enough, but would hate to miss the cooking experience! And one more question! Will we need to pay the remainder of the cooking course cost and the driver from Buenos Aires to your cooking classes in US$ or pesos?

A:So far attending is you and your partner. Please do not worry because the class will be conducted in English.
We conduct our classes at about 90% of the times in English.

Please let us know how will you be getting to the class, if you want to have our driver pick you up, we will be happy to send him. Otherwise as I mentioned before, you can see on our website for directions to come by train, I also added the link below:

We will send our driver to pick you up and please be ready at 10 am at the lobby of the hotel. The driver's fee is u$s 15 each way, I believe I mentioned this before and the class remaining is due at the end of the class in pesos or dollars.


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