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Traditional Argentine Cuisine

Many traditional dishes come from different colonizing cuisines, such as Spain, and from various migratory streams as well. It is from that inherited European cuisine that Argentina has modified a great number of recipes with the incorporation of Aboriginal food.

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Thanks to the various different weather and soil conditions, Argentina has become a land full of natural resources at the service of the cuisine of the different regions, providing them with a great variety of fruits, vegetables, spices and livestock. This is what makes possible that exquisite and exclusive dishes such as humita, tamal, carbonada, asado con cuero and dulce de leche, among others, can be prepared with a national flavour through the combination of sweet and spicy ingredients. Countless are the gastronomic specialties Argentina offers as well as the different names ingredients are called in each province. Because we would like you to know what this is all about, the most traditional beverages, dishes and desserts are going to be briefly explained.


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