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Typical Argentinian Foods


Empanadas, stuffed pastries that can be fried or baked and filled with meat, cheese or vegetables, are an extremely common dish in Argentina. They are consumed either as appetizers or served as finger foods at gatherings. Thin, breaded slices of beef or chicken, known as milanesas, are also popular and commonplace.

Argentinian beef

For a main course, beef is without a doubt the default choice. Argentina is said to have the highest per capita meat consumption in the world, and this is easy to believe if present at an asado, where meat is grilled on an open fire (a parrilla), over charcoal. The grilled meat is often served stacked-you might get a juicy inner flank steak layered atop some grill-marked skirt steak and a beef short rib strip. Steak and ribs are obvious choices to grill, but the infamous sweetbreads also draw attention and favor, with their soft texture of a meat that's been both fried and grilled. Sausages (chorizo) tend to be more firm than in other types of Latin cuisine, although sausage links tend to be more loosely packed. This blood sausage contains hints of liver under the crispy skin. Chinchulin is equally popular. It consists of grilled pieces of cow intestine. Sometimes lamb, piglet or chicken cuts are also placed on the parrilla.

Fish is not a prevalent meal choice in Argentina, despite the country's long coastline. Perhaps the ease of access to beef and chicken explains the relatively low consumption of fish. When consumed, however, fish is often scalloped or filleted.

For dessert, sorbets are an extremely popular choice-a predilection that dates back to the times of Spanish rule.


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