Alvear Palace Hotel: Tea Time!

Alvear Palace Hotel Buenos Aires

Alvear Palace Hotel in Buenos Aires

At the luxury Alvear Palace Hotel in the heart of Recoleta, no detail is overlooked.  If you can’t afford a room here – at least check out their afternoon tea for a delicious taste of indulgence in Buenos Aires.  The old fashioned servers wait on you hand and foot, and they start off by offering a wide selection of tea blends.  I chose the Alvear blend to get a feel for their specialty, which is a mixture of black tea leaves, almonds, Mediterranean citrus, and rose petals.  I could smell the aroma of each flavor separately, but they all blended together smoothly.

Alvear Palace Hotel in Argentina

Alvear Palace Hotel in Argentina

The afternoon tea also offers an assortment of finger foods.  There were multilayer sandwiches layered with cucumber, smoked salmon, and cream cheese accompanying the three-tiered stand with even more goodies.  The lowest level had small flaky pastries filled with cheeses and jams.  The middle tier boasted chocolate cakes and fruit tarts, and at the top were sweet scones.  Of course there was orange marmalade, tangy lemon curd, and berry jam to top everything off.

Who would have thought you could get full from finger foods?  Well, just when we thought we were finished, the red-coated, white-gloved waiters brought around a tray of desserts to choose from.  We opted for the creamy cheesecake, drizzled with chocolate and raspberry sauce, as well as a chocolate coffee cake—both of which melted in your mouth.

We left the Alvear Palace Hotel in Buenos Aires with feelings of full stomachs and high sophistication!

Address Where You Have To Go:

Alvear Palace Hotel
Av. Alvear 1891