Kentucky Pizzeria – The Perfect Argentine Local Pizza Joint

Argentine pizza

Argentine pizza

You know a restaurant is going to be good when it is so crowded that you are shoved into a little corner that is barely large enough to fit the table, let alone you sitting at it.  When this happened at Kentucky Pizzeria, the waiter was very concerned for my comfort, but I convinced him that it was fine, just hungry!  This local pizza joint in the heart of Plaza Italia has the perfect combination of a neighborhood feel and delicious pizza.  While watching the local futbol game, I scanned the extensive menu but ultimately decided on their specialty- pizza.  The choices were pretty standard (mozzarella cheese, ham, peppers, olives, mushrooms, calabresa) but little did I know, the pizza would be incredible!  I chose calabresa, a type of smoked Brazilian sausage.  I waited (a little too long) but was in for a pleasant surprise when my pizza finally made it to the table.

Kentucky Pizzeria in buenos aires

Kentucky Pizzeria in Buenos Aires

The thick crust was cooked on point—not too crunchy but not too doughy.  The stringy, buttery mozzarella cheese was added generously atop the almost-tangy tomato sauce.  On top of the cheese were thin slices of calabresa sausage, chewy but rich in smoky flavor.  Large slices of fresh tomatoes were next, followed by both green and black olives, and finished with a sprinkling of oregano.  It was almost a task to get the perfect bite with the correct ratio of all the ingredients, but once I got the hang of it, I was in heaven!

Pizza is an extremely popular dish in Buenos Aires due to all of the Italian influence, and I have resorted to eating a lot of it when I just can’t handle more meat.  However, the thick, flavorful pizza at Kentucky Pizzeria is good enough to want, even crave, and I will be sure to frequent this crowded local spot!