Coffee Serving Variety in Argentina

For the Argentinean culture as well as other many cultures, the meaning of coffee is really important. Not only because it is one of the top consumed breakfast beverages, but also because coffee is always associated with socializing. When friends are meeting, families’ get together, when a couple needs to talk, whenever there is an issue to discuss, coffee is present. Though the variety is not pretty wide in Argentina, you’ll find different types of them in the traditional cafés located in almost every corner of each main Avenue in Buenos Aires, small towns and in every province.

The most well known four sizes of coffee:

Pocillo: is the smallest sipping-cup

Jarrito: half the size of a mug

Americano: the same capacity of a mug

Desayuno: that means breakfast size-bigger one, but still smaller than a tall cup.

The first size is especially for coffee usually taken at any time of the day and for the varieties of “cortado” (3 parts of coffee and one of milk), or lágrima (hot milk with just a trickle of coffee). These options can also be served in “jarritos”, and also further options like cappuccino and espresso. But the remaining sizes are strictly for the most common breakfast in Argentina: “café con leche”. Though the literal translation of this beverage would be coffee with milk, the taste of an Argentinean “café con leche” is completely different. First of fall, in most cafés, this infusion is served with warm milk, but with no froth at all. It is also possible to request the beverage with hot coffee and cold milk. Usually a cup of “café con leche” costs around ARS 10 (around USD 2.5), and the morning special includes café con leche and two pieces of pastry for $12 (around USD 4). The strength and scent of coffee in Argentina is strong, and is made with whole milk, therefore, the café con leche can be a really plentiful way to start your day.