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 Empanadas Argentinas Cooking class

For a cooking experience like no other, Teresita's empanadas class in Buenos Aires is all about experiencing a new culture by tasting the local cuisine.  

empanadas class
what are empanadas

Combine the art of home style cooking & travel into an adventure experience. You'll have the opportunity to explore and learn how life feels at an Argentinean's home while learning how to prepare mouth watering dishes.

In a very informal atmosphere at Teresita's rustic kitchen overlooking a lush tropical garden, discover the secrets of a recipe that has been passed down through the generations. At her class you will learn how to prepare crisp and juicy beef and Humita (corn) empanadas while covering the influences of south American indigenous food preparation techniques and how they relate to contemporary Argentine cuisine.

empanada dough

We cover two types of Empanadas Argentinas; Empanadas de Carne (beef empanadas) and Empanadas de Humita (corn empanadas):

  • Traditional beef hash (picadillo de carne) preparation
  • Humita (corn) empanada filling preparation
  • Explore the different spices: aji molido, locoto (a hot aji), comino
  • What to look for when selecting the right beef
  • Empanada dough, what flour to use, filling, folding
  • How to handle dough to keep from cracking
  • Different stuffing techniques
  • Baked and fried methods covered
  • Mastering the right ingredients amount
  • Learn the secret of a flaky and crispy crust

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Pairing Wine

A Malbec wine from Mendoza with taste of cherries, plums, blackberries and raspberries, and marked by a peppery spice, licorice and ample tannins. They have bright acidity, ideal to cut through the richness of red meat. Argentine Malbecs are rarely super-alcoholic, thus enhancing their food-friendly character.


WHEN: every Monday all year round.
USD 55 per person includes all fresh and finest local ingredients. Enjoy the fruits of your labor! Eat what you just created accompanied by the appropriate wine.
Starts at 11:00 am until 2:30 pm.


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