Créme Caramel

Créme Caramel in a Spanish dessert and it is generally prepared with regular eggs, milk and sugar. Even though vanilla is the commonest flavor, there is a great variety that includes flavors such as almonds, pistachios, dulce de leche, lemon, and other fruit varieties as well. In the past, crème caramel used to be elaborated with pepper and honey, or with sugar, cheese, almonds, fish, cinnamon, spinach and confectioner’s custard.

It is traditionally cooked a bain-marie with caramel on the lower layer (which becomes the upper layer when it is served).

Once the cooking is finished, the mould is inverted so as to leave the upper side of the crème caramel covered with caramel. You can also try the powdered crème caramel whose preparation is very similar to that of the jelly.

In Argentina and neighboring countries, crème caramel is generally served with dulce de leche; however, some other people prefer whipped cream. There exist a third option which is a combination of both, dulce de leche and whipped cream separately served in the same plate.