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Cuts of meat in Argentina

Cattle in Argentina are grass-fed, as a result the meat contains less fat and more muscle than cattle raised on corn. Argentina has been widely recognized and prized for its grass-fed beef.
Argentineans consume about 150 pounds, 66 kilos, of beef per year.

One of the most acclaimed cuts of meat in Argentina is the Lomo (tenderloin). Lomo de cerdo is pork tenderloin.

Cuts of Meat in Argentina (Spanish-English)

Aguja – Chuck Roast
Asado – Short Ribs, Roast Prime Rib
Bife Ancho – Prime Rib, Rib Eye Roast, Rib Eye Steaks
Bife Angosto – Porterhouse or Strip Steak
Bife a la Rueda – Round Steak
Bife de Alcatra – Sirloin Steak
Bife de Costilla -T-Bone Steaks
Bife de Chorizo – Sirloin Rump Steaks
Bife de Vacio – Flank Steak
Bola de Lomo – Sirloin Tip
Carne Picada – Ground Beef
Chinchulin – Lower Intestines
Chorizo – Sausage
Churrasco de Paleta – Pot Roast
Colita de Cuadril – Rump Steak
Costillas – Rib Roast
Cuadrada – Bottom Round
Cuadril – Rump Roast or Rump Steak
Entrana – Skirt Steak
Falda – Flank Steak
Higado – Liver
Lengua – Tongue
Lomo – Tenderloin
Matambre – Flank Steak
Mollejas – Sweetbreads
Morcilla – Blood Sausage
Nalga – Beef Round for Stew
Osobuso – Osso Busco
Palomita – Shoulder Roast in Butterfly Cut
Peceto – Beef Round Steaks, Roast Eye of Round
Pecho – Brisket
Rinones – Kidneys
Tapa de Asado – Rib Cap Roast
Tira de Asado – Short Ribs
Tapa de Nalga – Cap of Round Roast
Tapa de Cuadril – Cap of Rump Roast
Tripa Gorda – Tripe
Vacio – Flank Steak

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