Alfajores: The Classic Argentine Cookie

Recipe for Alfajores from Argentina If you haven’t tried an alfajor yet (pronounced alpha-hor – for English Speakers)  stop reading this now (seriously) and try one immediately if you can find one =).  It really doesn’t matter where you buy one.  Yes the mmm-factor varies widely, but if you have never had an alfajor, now […]

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A Quick Recipe For Dulce de Leche

Anyone who visits Argentina will quickly notice that people here are obsessed with the scruptiously sweet, smooth and creamy milk concoction that is dulce de leche.  And who can blame them? Dulce de leche bring much joy to Argentines.  Despite the fact that we relish it straight out of the jar, dulce de leche is […]

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Mazamorra con Leche (Milky Pudding made with Maize)

• 6 ounces of mashed corn • 60 cubic inches of milk • 6 ounces of ground sugar • 1 vanilla pod • Fresh fruits or fruits in syrup to garnish (optional) Let the corn soak from the night before in cold water. In that same water, cook the corn next day. In a casserole, […]

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