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I have traveled the world and I can tell you can not find nicer people than the owners of Teresita B&B. I love to cook and opted to take the 6 lessons. Everyday was a new adventure in cooking, we used only the finest freshest ingredients and then, the best part, we sat down to the wonderful meal we had just prepared. What more can you ask for, good weather (even in winter), good food and new friends. Having never been to Argentina I was not sure what to expect, Teresita answered many of my questions before I left and certainly put me at ease. The cottage is spectacular, tucked into the lush garden you will feel you are on an island. The town of Adroque is also very inviting with its great shops and restaurants. The prices are lower than Buenos Aires shops, but the big city is only 40 minutes away if you want to go. I cannot remember a more relaxing vacation! Teresita's driver Buddha will pick you up at the airport and take you back, another thing NOT to worry about. Of all the places I have ever stayed this B& B gets my highest rating. If you are looking for a relaxing vacation and want to see what Argentina is really like stay here, and you've got to learn to make the Empanadas it is a life changing experience!!
Jeff Jaspan, USA


My husband and I came to Buenos Aires in May to live, eat and drink like the "portenos" do. After settling into our apartment in Palmero, roaming through luscious food and wine stores, and experimenting with different cuts of meat and food products in my small kitchen, I was ready to find out the secrets to making the delicious small empanadas that are sold as doughnuts are in the States or as tortillas are in Mexico. I also wanted to try my hand at
the art of Asada or Argentina barbecue.

Quickly found the web site for Teresita's cooking classes which are held in her lovely and comfortable home in a southern suburb of Buenos Aires. Teresita, fluent in Spanish and English, easily led me to select the appropriate classes over the phone. It would be Empanadas one morning and Asado (Argentian barbecue) another morning. Easy access exists to her suburb by train from Buenos Aires or Terisita will arrange for a car and driver (her very charming next door neighbor) to transport you from your lodging to her home and back.

Both cooking classes were informal, comfortable and full of information. The classes were "hands-on," working side by side with Teresita, an experienced cook, with time to sip good Argentinean wine while creating empanadas, both baked and deep fried. The class on barbecue techniques started with a visit to the local butcher shop so that all the different, local cuts of meat became familiar and less daunting. Then back to the house to prepare and cook (over a real fire in the fireplace, as it was cold outside) sweet breads, offal, sausage, and the delicious ribs required in every Argentinan parrillas or asadores. The classes were full of useful tips, informative, fun, and most important easy to replicate back at our apartment. Don't forget to enjoy eating all you cooked, served with appropriate Argentina wines!
Susan Shick, USA


Teresita completely sold me on my return to Argentina. One of her classes would be one of the first places I would want to stop on my return. From the moment Buddha picked us up in his car, to the point of having pretty much the 2nd worse hangover I have ever had from my birthday party (18 Nov 2007) 12 bottles of wine between 8 people, plus like a half bottle of Anise, it was the best time. The empanadas were dynamite. I cook for a living, and she made it simple and easy to learn from her. Everything she gave us from instructions of what to cut up, how hot to keep the pan had caring loving devotion. Teresita truly knows what she is teaching and her passion for the food is contagious. My overall favorite was the paraillada. That was my 24th birthday. I can say that it was the best birthday I have ever had. For any person who loves meat, and grilling it, that is sooo the class to take. Everyone who was in the class met at the butcher. We had meat picked out, and went back to her home and Buddha started the charcoal. I do not meat something in the sense of my favorite brand of Kingsford, it was carbon hardwood trees. Liz and Erin watched and sort of helped make Chimichurri, and Provancal as topping to be on the meat, and we ended up eating so much of it on just fresh baked bread we ended up running out at the end of the dinnner. We also started drinking at about 1130 in the AM. The last time I did that, well, I can not even think about starting to drink that early, even on sundays during Chicago Bears football season. I can not remember all the meat that we grilled, but here is a good list. Kidneys, Lamb intestine, Blood Sausage!! (so good), flank steak of pork, beef ribs. Thats barely cracking the surface. We ate continuously from 1230ish to about 600 630 that evening. We also drank wine contineously in that time as well. I liked wine before I went, I love wine now and what it meant having it there. Buddha was one of the sweetest old men I have ever met, and most likely will meet in my entire life. Besides my father, and a few other idols I have, Buddha and Teresitas' husband had the molds broken after they were made. The truely supported Teresita in her teachings and loved life. I know from this experience that life should be spent like that sunday afternoon was spent. SLOWLY and with the best company. Forget top 1000 things before I die, top thing I want todo before 2009 is to come back with more of my friends for even just one sunday at Teresitas' house. I made a quick chimichurri from all dried ingredients, and threw it on steaks this last Christmas for my Ship. I only made about 10 steaks and after about 20 seconds from 1 person trying a peice, there was not any steaks left over. I am leaving out the Fish Stew which was awesome in its own regard. It was easy to make, and quick too. I have been putting it off to make until I can actually find dende oil. I was given an apple tart/pie for my "cake" on my birthday. It also came with crema, not whipped just straight. WHOA, I will only share that with people I know and love, because when I taste another bite someday it will take me back to that stellar afternoon and people who can not stop and slow down enough to enjoy it would just miss out. We also had fresh Avacado con azcar y limon. That was so quick and easy. I have not had the chance to serve that, but that dessert will be in my cooking reptoire for the rest of my life. Graciela please pass on to Teresita that she is one of the most keen women I have ever met on this planet and my gratitude for teaching these classes. If you don't mind I want her to be my Honorary Abuela! Thank you so much, and I know this should be the standard; anyone who does not take these classes while in Buenos Aires missed out on experiencing brillance at its definiton.
James C Mitchell III 


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