Watermelon Season!

Making Watermelon kabobs

Making Watermelon kabobs

Even on a rainy day in the Argentina you can be reminded that it is almost summer time when you pass by a local fruit stand.  October is the beginning of the harvesting months for watermelon in the central zones of Argentina, which means right now is when you can buy the best and cheapest watermelons.

The sweet smell, bright red color, and juicy fruit is sure to put a smile on your face and bring a fun summer memory to your mind.  The wedge I bought from my local grocery store was so juicy that it was running down my chin as I took bites out of the wedge, until I finally realized I should probably cut it into cubes to avoid a massive sticky mess!

Enjoy watermelon cut up into wedges, cubes, or balls… or try one of these creative ideas:

Watermelon kabobs. Put cubes of watermelon on skewers, marinate them in any sauce, and grill them.  You can even add meat or chicken to the kabobs, but be careful because the fruit grills quickly

Watermelon ice cubes. Remove seeds, blend watermelon in a blender or juicer, and put the juice in ice trays.  Add to soda or water (sparkling or still) for a refreshing splash!

Vodka watermelon. Cut a hole into a whole watermelon just large and deep enough to insert a funnel.  Insert funnel and pour a vodka in, then let set for a day.  Pour more vodka in and let set again (repeat as desired).  Note: Adding the vodka a little bit at a time results in a more pleasant flavor than if you pour it all in at once, but that can be done also.  Once ready, slice up and serve!

The possibilities are endless, but unfortunately the season is not, so in Argentina right now is time to hurry up and get some scrumptious watermelon before it’s too late!