What is Quínoa

For thousands of years, quinoa grain also known as quinua or as Spanish people call it quinoa, has been cultivated by native Andean population.  Quinoa is often eaten as a supplement diet to corn and potatoes by the Incans.

As quinoa blossom mostly at higher elevation, they are well-matched and embellish the renowned terraced fields which originated in the primeval South American cities of Machu Picchu.

Quinoa is well suited for people living at higher-elevation and oxygen deficient regions of the Andes as it has medicinal properties and is rich in iron content.

Because quinoa does not contain gluten it can be easily digested just like wheat.  Earlier when European settlers came to South America, quinoa cuisine was alien to them; it is only recently they have discovered this unknown treasure.  The cuisine is now a rage in most elegant restaurants in South America and can be found in their menus without fail.  Chefs are also busy in founding various novel ways to include quinoa into newly discovered recipes.

Where Quinoa can be found?

Quinoa is mostly available in health food stores, but now-a-days regular grocery stores have also started keeping the same.  In all probability quinoa can be found along with rice and couscous or in the sections of cereal or bulk foods or else in the Latin speciality food category.

How Quinoa is cooked?

Quinoa is prepared just like rice is prepared: boil them in water until they become softer and fibrous and when they absorb the water. (The idyllic measure is 2 parts liquid to 1 part quinoa).  To make it tasty chicken broth or other seasonings can be flavoured in the water.  Just like rice pudding, a number of sweetened versions of cooked quinoa can be found.  Quinoa seeds are often rinsed in an effort to eliminate the bitter coating which preserves it from being eaten by birds.  No doubt a majority of quinoa available today has already been rinsed, but it will be in fitness of things to rinse the uncooked grains as well in water by rubbing it for a minute or two in between your fingers, till the water runs clear.